Three little puppies

A week ago my husband brought home three little puppies. Not that we planned having three prancing doggies around the house or were ready for them. They were abandoned, locked and left in a metal box and only their little snouts were popping out hoping to be spotted. And luckily they were. Maciek saw the three pinkish noses, stopped and saved them. Their faces were all wet after crying through, what must have been a terrifying, night. When they arrived here on a sunny Saturday morning, we experienced all sorts of emotions. Surprise with the very unexpected finding. Anger and disbelief that any human being would show no pity and put three innocent dogs through the ordeal. Relief that they were found in time. Joy that watching and playing with cute puppies brings. Excitement with the new addition to the family. Urge to provide each of them a caring and loving home.


First things first, the puppies got the milk. And some more milk. Hungry for more, they cleaned all cat’s food from his bowl and soon we discovered they are older then we first thought with a impressive range of milk teeth able to snap, bite and chew. It only took our 8 year old Natasha five minutes to name the three boys – Lucky, Barky and Buddy – and some very accurate names those were. Lucky, clearly got lucky, Barky was the bravest and barked to protect the pack and Buddy kept close and liked cuddles. The boys were recovering quickly in the sunshine in the back garden but soon got tired so we scooped them into a basket padded with a soft blanket for the nap.


It was great to watch them. The puppies slept all tangled together – paw on the belly, snout on the bum, one on top of another – a happy bundle of fur. They played together – chasing each other, digging in the garden, gnawing on their brother’s ear, or tail, or neck. They ate together – fighting and growling for food and always polishing off the bowls. Their first bath was a big adventure. One at a time they got washed and showered. Some enjoyed it more than others but in the end all three puppies were all clean and dried and snuggled into old baby towels.


There was a lot of guessing and wondering. How old are they? How big will they  get? What breed are they? We checked their teeth and their weight and estimated that with a set of 28 teeth and 2.5 kg each they should be around 8 weeks old and would be growing into medium size dogs, possibly a sheepdog type. There was another big question we needed to answer. How will we find new homes for them? As much as we adored them all, we could not keep three dogs and a cat under a relatively small one roof. Full of hopes and good will we started searching for home for Barky and Buddy.


Buddy got adopted first. He went away to a big farmhouse in the country where he plays with two other dogs. He will run in the fields and will learn to be a guard and a helper.


It took a bit longer to find home for Barky but only yesterday he was taken in by a caring family. He is sharing his new home with with three dog-loving, cheerful, full of energy young boys who can’t wait to play with him, take him for walks and teach him the tricks.


Lucky, well, got Lucky. He is ours now. And there will be many more stories of Lucky the dog here soon.






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