Into the woods

Before the newsletters, email notifications and digital publications, in fact, before the word internet entered my vocabulary range, there was this great excitement of checking with your newsagents for the new issue of your favourite magazine, trying to spot the latest cover on the counter and get it before the print run sells out. One of these favourite reads was Filipinka – a magazine that shaped minds of a few generations of Polish teenage girls. From cooking and sewing, through reading and analyzing literature to asking questions about value and lifestyle – it catered for both body and mind.

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It was the discoveries about the world and yourself while reading that were so fascinating. And one of these discoveries I would like to share today. Let me take you on a journey. Let’s go into the woods.

Imagine you are walking through the woods. Take a look around. What type of wood is it? What time of day? What can you see? What can you hear? How does the wood make you feel?

How do you walk through the woods? Is there a path or a track? Are you following some footsteps? Or maybe you’re keeping off it?

Take a closer look. There’s something on the ground. It’s a cup. How does it look? What is it made of? Would you like to touch it or pick it up?

You keep walking. You can sense you’re approaching water. Follow the sounds it makes. What kind of water is it? A lake, a stream, a river, a waterfall or maybe the sea? What do you do?

You’ve come to a wall. How does it make you feel? How will you continue? What do you think is behind the wall?

You arrive at the clearing in the woods. There’s a house. Describe the house. Would you like to come into the house?

You can see an old person in front of the house. How do they look like? How do you feel about them?R.Frost woods quote

Walking through the woods changes you. Opens your lungs, opens your mind. Makes you see things outside and inside. Today’s journey might help you discover yourself…

The wood is your life.

The path symbolizes the rules and your approach to them.

path in the woods

The cup stands for the relationships. How fragile or durable they are. How you  take care of them.

The water symbolizes sexuality.waterfall

The wall is any obstacle in your life and what you see behind the wall is the future.wall in the woods behind the wall

The house shows how you see yourself.

The old person represents how you visualize death.

in the wood

Thank you for coming on the journey. Hope you enjoyed it and if you did, share with friends and invite them on the journey too.




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