Old family photos

There’s some undeniable charm and indescribable magic in the old photos. They tell some untold stories. They show people and places how they were not how we know them now. They connect generations and prove how similar to our ancestors we look. They are a secret window to the family history.

old family photosWell before I started collecting stories, I started collecting old family photos. First of my own parents, grandparents and great grandparents and later of my husband’s family as well. Flicking through the pictures always triggers great stories and many a time leads to discoveries and inspires genealogical research.

photos de famille I made the first family photos collage when our daughter was born. The idea was to put all the baby photos together. Three generations. How are we similar and how are we different and who took after whom? DSC_3439

It worked really well and since we had plenty of beautiful pictures I kept adding one collage after another. Always trying to pick a theme for each – parents and children, special occasions, leisure, head shots, early childhood. They all on the wall in the living room – which means in a way they are with us every day – residents in frames. collage mosaic

And, once you have your collages, here is a great tutorial on how to arrange your frames on the wall.





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