School lunch

When you are at primary school you still try to figure out what is wrong and what is right. What is important and what you should do. Me and my best friend shared a secret. It was a bit sinister. It was a bit childish. Yet, this after-school, undercover ritual bonded us. We hanged around at school until most of the kids were gone. Then we pretended to be casually walking home. Except,  we took a little detour through the nearby field. It was one of those untended green fields where grass was high and weeds outgrew and the little winding path was the only passable way. We would go deeper and deeper though the grassy corridor until we were sure no one could see us. My friend would carefully take a small wrappage out of her bag. We would look at each other and nod our heads. Then she would take a deep breath and throw it as far as she could.

a 6-year-old Sonia
a 6-year-old Sonia

You see, my friend was a fussy eater and she would never touch the sandwich that her mum put in her schoolbag every day. She did not want to make her mum sad or angry so she chose to dispose of the sandwich and to pretend she had had her lunch at school. I felt quite guilty about this regular waste and spent lots of breaks trying to convince her to share it, give it away or feed it to a stray dog or cat, but she would have none of that. She did not want to take any risk that her mother could find out. So there I was, prowling in the grass and promising to myself never to waste food in the future. There and then, I had two choices – stand by a friend or rat on a friend. I chose loyalty. And kept my promise.

I honestly hate wasting food and do my best with saving the leftovers. Actually, a lot of by far greatest culinary inspirations and combinations come once looking at the food lurking in the fridge or the fruit bowl. Brownish bananas turn into banana bread. Crinkled tomatoes get sunblashed. Overmatured cheese ends up in Hawaiian bake. Stale bread makes a great panzanella. Yogurt approaching best before date becomes ice pops.

As for lunches, we try to have fun. A splash of colour, fancy shapes and staple favourites make lunch box exciting to make and open, too. A five-a-day whispers “eat-me” from a bright heart-shaped box. Bear, flower, star and half-moon sandwiches are always gone. And for those days when we are out of bread or want a break from sandwiches – tuna, corn and rice salad, pesto pasta or cheese and spring onion quesadillas are always welcomed.

lunch box ideas
lunch box ideas


And of course, no lunch box is really ready unless there is a little note. Sometimes it’s a quote, like these printable children books quotes below. Sometimes it’s a proverb or a joke or just a little note of how much I love you.lunch notes

Have a great lunch.






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