Slumber Party

This it the first Slumber Party ever I organized. Amazing. Exciting. Beautiful. Sleepless. Totally worth it.

I wish  slumber parties were more popular when I was a not-so-little and a teen-something girl. I had birthday parties and occasional sleepovers but by all means slumber party is so much more fun to organize.

First things first we started with designing party invitations.Slumber Party Invitation

We brainstormed for ideas and used the Party Planning Template.Party Planning Template

We found perfect bits and bobs for the party bags in Tiger and Dealz and had a great time getting the bags ready.Party Bags Favours

Party BagsWe put together the Slumber Party Agenda.Slumber Party Agenda

Glow in the dark butterflies
Decorate your own glow-in-the-dark butterflies

quiz baloons

Pull the balloon and answer the quiz question
Pull the balloon and answer the quiz question

Can you guess all the items from the treasure hunt clues?treasure hunt clues

The girls got super creative while decorating their own pillows with fabric pens, glitter paint and spray.DIY pillows DIY pillows

We used the truth & dare ideas from here.

truth & dare

We served mini cupcakes, red heart-shaped jellies with raspberries, chocolate cookies sandwiches and pavlova cream and berries cake.tea time


birthday cakeAnd when it got dark …

slumber party buffet
slumber party buffet

slumber party decorations slumber party decorations

The clock struck midnight and the party was still going on. The room was bright with fairy lights, glow in the dark balloons and sticks, mini night lamps and lanterns and the girls had absolutely no intention of going to sleep. After all that’s what a slumber party is all about.

Happy 9th Birthday Natasha




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