Lemonade from the pharmacy

It was the summer of 1912 when a young pharmacist, Antoni, arrived in the picturesque and prosperous town of Włodzimierz Wołyński. Walking down the busy streets he passed shops, schools, restaurants, catholic churches, orthodox churches and Jewish synagogue. The town had a multicultural vibe and was full of opportunities that appealed to him so my great-grandfather decided to settle in and bought an over 100 years old pharmacy.

It was called The Old Basilians Pharmacy  as back in the 1786 the Basilian monks received the royal privilege from the last Polish king, Stanisław August Poniatowski, to open a pharmacy and to “preserve medicines and cure illnesses” of the people of Włodzimierz. A hundred and thirty years later, the pharmacy was privately owned but was still located in the very same specious, though deteriorated in time, monastery building.

Antoni Kołomyjski and his pharmacy
a clip from memoirs of Irena Kołomyjska Kot, MPharm, published in “Gazeta Farmaceutyczna” in 2000

The young pharmacist rolled up his sleeves and started renovating and modernizing. He repaired the broken apparatuses and reorganized the wooden cabinets. Soon he hired an apprentice and an office boy and purchased a brand new copper equipment including pipes and distilators as well as corkers and siphons all to be used for an innovative mineral water manufacture.

The next summer, in 1913, the grand people of Włodzimierz would come to the pharmacy looking for relief from the heat and a refreshing and reinvigorating sip of one of many mineral waters on offer. Magnesium water alleviating stress, fatigue and insomnia. Anti-aging bicarbonate water. Purgative bitter water. Not to mention a broad range of lemonades served in chilled glasses. Surely there was one for everyone and news of the new old pharmacy spread quickly. After all, what’s better on a hot day than a splash of pink lemonade.

Pink Lemonade

3 lemons

10 frozen raspberries

1 l sparkling mineral water

a sprinkle (or more depending on your taste buds) of sugar

pink lemonade


Halve the lemons and squeeze the juice. Blend with raspberries, sugar and mineral water. Serve in a chilled glass. Enjoy on a sunny summer afternoon.






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