Keep walking

I am a walker. I have always enjoyed walks in the open air, just looking around, noticing things and sharing the reflections with your companion. Since I was a little girl I walked a lot. First, with my grandfather who taught me to take time and see the beauty of the little things. Then with my dog, that wagged his tail ever so excitedly to go for a walk and came back completely mucky but as content as could be. As a teenager, I ditched buses and decided to walk to school in the morning. Rather than waiting at the bus stop and squeezing on a crowded bus I marched rain, shine or snow. And the best part is it didn’t take any longer to walk and I arrived there on time and with a fresh mind. Fast forward a few, or more, years, and I discovered the joy of lunch walks. A few office girls slipping off high heels and swapping for trainers under the desk at 1pm. We walked along the seaside, getting the salty breeze, catching up on gossips, chatting about girlie stuff and somehow making real friends on the way.

Sunday walks

I do not remember exactly how and when the Sunday walks started but they became a regular feature each weekend. We would go places near and far. As we lived near the mountains we hiked a lot but also depending on the weather and season went to the lakes or into the woods or sightseeing. We never stopped Sunday walks. They are still a regular feature and to me they are one of the most binding family moments. Living in Ireland gives us places and landscapes galore. We climb the mountains overlooking the sea. We walk on steep cliffs and sandy beaches. We wander through the parks that are the size of a nature reserve. And while we walk we talk.


Walking and talking

Apparently when you want to talk to a man you should take him for a walk. Is it the fact that they are physically involved or is it the fact they are not confined in one place in front of one person, I do not know. What I do know though is that the best conversations I have with my husband happen when we walk. We talk about plans and ideas, we tell stories, we have discussions, we laugh.

An excuse to go out

I must admit I do not like to walk alone. I need a companion. I feel better walking side by side. I think if there are two or more heading off in the same direction that gives a certain purpose and sense of achievement. Or, do I simply want an excuse to motivate myself? Anyway, I wouldn’t have walked miles and miles if I didn’t have a friend by my side. A grandfather who held my hand. A baby daughter who slept sweetly in her buggy. A husband who leads the way. A dog who wanders off yet always stays close.

Getting there and getting dirty

I must admit that now that we have a dog again we go out for walks much more often. We discover new places – like a car cemetery or secret garden. Sometimes we take shortcuts and sometimes we do not get where we planned. And always our dog, Lucky, gets dirty. And often, the children get dirty. But then, isn’t it true that

a dirty dog is a happy dog.

And similarly a dirty child is a happy child. So don’t look down on them, look around and keep walking.

Seaside walk reflections



This post was inspired by the reflection photo challenge on Daily Post WordPress. What are your reflections on walking?


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