What Lucky did

Lucky arrived in our lives 6 months ago quite unexpectedly and brought the whole range of unplanned events and new challenges. But it’s good he stayed for good. As it’s been a while since the last pupdate it’s high time Lucky got some well deserved attention on the blog. Actually, I will let him tell the story through the pictures.sheepdog-puppy-growing-up


This is the story of Lucky. The puppy with an attitude.

On the chase

A bird, a butterfly, a ball, a bauble – Lucky runs after. He used to chase cars and cyclists too but, what we are very proud of, we managed to train him out of it.

“Run Lucky, run”
“Over the moors and through the hills, here I come”
dog and baubles
“I’ll get you, you bubble”
Wet and happy

If there’s water nearby, Lucky will find it. Will jump into it. And will get you wet.

“Who let the dog out of water?”
“Is it really home time already?”
“Just keep swimming.”
Inside out?

Indoors, Lucky enjoys simple dog’s life pleasures of chewing, rummaging bedroom bins, and hunting shadows. In return for his cosy home he guards the neighbourhood and wholeheartedly barks at all strangers.

“Hello. It’s me.”
“What you mean it’s not MY basket?”
“Oh, come on. You pull, I pull, we all have fun.”
“A ball and a stick. Now, that’s a real deal.”
Out and about

Lucky loves his walks. Lucky loves days out even more. He went camping, he climbed mountains, he walked around the lakes and ran at the beach. And if you think he would be tired at the end of the day, well, he isn’t. Unless it’s a nap time.

“I will guard this tent till I fall asleep.”
“I did mud, I did puddles, I did high grass – how else can I get dirty?”
“Three dogs accompanied by two humans on eleven.”
“I think I saw a squirrel.”
“Sometimes even a puppy feels so small looking at the sea.”
Puppy’s eyes

Lucky’s perfected the “it wasn’t me” look. Who ate from cat’s bowl? Who dag a 1 foot deep hole in the garden? Who upcycled a blanket into a poncho?

“It wasn’t me.”
“It  wasn’t me.”
puppys eyes
“It  wasn’t me.”

From 2 to 14 kg and from 2 to 8 months. Our puppy is now a teenager. I am sure there are more adventures and more challenges in store.

To be continued …


Sonia (with a bit of help from Natasha and a bite of help from Lucky)


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