Autumn treasures

I love autumn. It might have something to do with my birthday.  I cannot resist the rich pallette,  changing colours and all shades of yellow, orange, red, burgundy and brown. I cannot resist the abundance of wild findings. I like how crisp mornings turn into warm afternoons. The sun might have a lie-in and an early bed time but its midday rays surely can recharge the batteries. Autumn is a powerful wizard. 


Mushrooms usually just happen on the way. The more intensely you search the less you find. On the other hand as my mum always said:

Mushrooms like company. If there’s one, there’ll be more.


Eat-me mushrooms have pores underneath their cap.


Eat-me-not mushrooms can be pretty too.


I always pick wild blackberries when I see them. I get a handful and share. Straight from the palm of my hand.


When I was a little girl I used to pick ronanberries and thread them like beads to make a necklace. 


Glistening in the sun are omnipresent spiderwebs. 


I absolutely adore heather. Inside the house. Outside the house. Along the paths. On the hills. I can never get enough.


And you have you found your perfect autumn?







5 thoughts on “Autumn treasures

  1. I love autumn, too. The colors are so amazing and everything seems to calm down.

    … and I really like mushrooms, not so much eating them just looking at them. They seem to be funny beings neither plant nor animal.

    Many greetings from Virginia, ivonne


    1. Thanks for commenting. This yeats seems to be overflowing with mushrooms. There’re some even in front of our house. Would be a waste not to capture thrm with cameta. Greetings from Ireland,Ivonne.And happy Halloween.

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