Creeping into Halloween

When the first leaves start to fall and the evenings get darker you can feel Halloween is slowly creeping in. witches-hat-in-parkSurely, planning and organizing the Halloween party is one of the most enjoyable activities for me throughout the year. It’s pure pleasure, though a wicked one. As for me, I’ve always enjoyed the magic in real life and the possibilities that the supernatural world offers. Halloween was – and is – meant to ease our fears and to tame the scary creatures around. It might be creepy. It might be sinister. It might be macabre. But after all it is just a thriller night.

It all starts early October with making the invitations. This year I picked a black and white theme and used these skull printables and these Halloween fonts.


For some magic reasons Halloween always inspires me to dig deeper and go beyond. Or under. Follow me on Instagram and Pinterest for this year’s decorations and menu and for now let’s creep into Halloween together with some photo memories from the years past.






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