My wicked pleasures

Halloween is my guilty pleasure. When gory meets kitschy. When sloppy meets crafty. When dark meets candlelight.

Dare to scare decorations

Every year I look at the Halloween pictures from previous years to jog my memory and do a certain stock inventory of decorations. And every time I do, I think it would be impossible to outdo that this year. And then we somehow pull it together yet again. How? Take some old, take some new, take some DIY (or borrowed from Pinterest), give it a bit of  a shake and a bit of a stir. I often reuse ideas yet try to rearrange them. So this year the floating witches’ hats will reappear, yet not in the hall but in the kitchen over the table. The spooky pictures of the ancestors will hang next to the family tree. The mirror in the hall is still covered in spiderwebs, yet this time also splattered with blood. No need to add it is a homemade blood, of course.witches-floating-hats


A theme to die for

I always pick a theme for decorations and make sure it all fits the same cauldron. It can be colours – one, two or three but never more. Black white and orange would be my usual concoction. Just mix balance and saturation. It can be a word – gory is my word for this year’s outside decorations. Make it magic. Make it wicked. It can be a broader film or literature inspired theme. Zombies. Harry Potter. The Addams Family. And anyway, it is always good to watch a pre-Halloween movie to get into the mood and find inspiration. This year Miss Peregrine Home for Peculiar Children ticked all the boxes for me. A great mixture of magic, mystery and murder.


Deadly crafts

We like to get crafty for Halloween. Maybe it’s the fact that you do not need to be very fine-tuned as ugly does it as well, if not actually better. Two years ago we were painting twigs black. Last year we made a BODY PARTS FOR SALE wooden sign. This year we assembled a rubbish-bag-packed corpse and got bloody creative on an old bed sheet. Don’t be too scared, though – it’s only a football, a hoodie, 6 cushions and a pair of wellies. Can’t wait for the trick-or-treaters this year.

saveyourlivebloodywriting bodypartsforsale


Devilish food

We had all sorts of creepy food for Halloween. Witches’ broomsticks. Deviled eggs. Cheese cemetery. Bloody red velvet cupcakes. Monster cookies… And then there’s the cake that my friends Wiola and Tomek create. It’s always a surprise. Last year they treated us with the most amazing brain eating experience. Keep an eye on Instagram for this year’s cake.

Halloween food

Killing tunes

I crave certain tunes for Halloween. Some dark. Some creepy. Some too noisy. But all bloody good. As I’m writing this I’m listening to my Spooky Trick-or Treat list on Spotify.

Happy Halloween





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