The Story of the Advent Calendar

This is a story-within-a-story-within-a-story.

It all started on one crispy morning when I was passing a second hand bookshop. I decided I had a moment, though I wasn’t looking for anything in particular and walked in. It was one of those old fashioned bookshops that smelt of books and paperbacks, with high wooden shelves and a little doorbell that rang to announce a new visitor. I enjoyed strolling through the narrow aisles, running my fingers along the book spines and checking some book covers.

It was in the children literature section. The name of the author – Jostein Gaarder, typed in gold, looked vaguely familiar. A quick glance at the cover and I knew why. I enjoyed reading Sophie’s World a lot. A wise book, talking of important things in a simple and beautiful way. What would be The Christmas Mystery about?


I opened the book and new instantly that I wanted it. The contents was an Advent Calendar. The book was an Advent Calendar. What could be more fascinating than opening the book each day and reading a chapter. And only a chapter. Particularly, if the book is designed to lead you into Christmas.  the-christmas-mystery-contentsThe story starts – well – in a bookshop as well. A boy who is on a very last minute search for an advent calendar follows his hear and against all odds chooses an old one that does not even have chocolates in it. In fact, the calendar is not even on sale and the bookseller has no clue about it either. Still, Joachim leaves the bookshop with the mysterious advent calendar in his hands and so the daily countdown starts and excitement steps up. 3rd-december

If I told you anything more, I would reveal the secrets that you want to discover yourself – just as you want to open the windows in your advent calendar yourself. So let me just tell you that the book will take you on an incredible journey as you count the days of December and embrace the Christmas spirit.



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