The dog who loves to jump

If there ever was a Dog Olympics and dogs could take part in the high jump competition Lucky would definitely be in with a chance to get a medal. As boy, he can jump.

It all started this October as Lucky discovered fallen leaves. Immediately, chasing and jumping after leaves blown or kicked into the air became his favourite game. Whenever and wherever he spotted a pile of leaves he would run there, lie flat on the ground and not moving a muscle but keeping the eye contact he would wait for you to start playing. dog jumping after leavesSoon our walks turned into a particular obstacle course. Part one. We let Lucky off the leash. Part two. Lucky makes a bee line to the first pile of leaves or pond of water, which may be up to 300 meters away. Part three. Lucky lies down and waits, ready and steady for the play. Part four (after a minute or two). We get to the spot and play with Lucky kicking the leaves and watching in awe his spectacular jumps. Part five. We decide we have had enough and move on. Lucky moves onto the next spot (see part two). The cycle continues until we reach the last spot. Needless to say, he never has enough and is always utterly disappointed when it’s time to go.

dog-jumping-kids-and-leavesLucky also discovered how much fun it is to chase the water drops. He has probably swallowed litres of water while catching splashes and sprinkles and got wet hundred times. Not that he minds, not at all.  Again, he runs and gets to the edge of water and then freezes. He doesn’t make a move, he doesn’t make a sound. He just watches. Splash! And he is in.

waiting for the splashNow, it does not really matter if it’s leaves, water, sand or snow, Lucky will simply chase after that into the air doing somersaults, back flips and twirl jumps. And he will be one happy dog.


We often get asked what type of dog Lucky is. We do not know. He is a mix of a good few, for sure. He’s agile like a sheepdog, he loves water like a retriever he is strong like a husky. But what we know is that he is certainly one of a flyingLucky has officially turned one now. I told you his puppy adventures here, here and here. I think now that he has come off age it is time we stop referring to him as puppy, though it will be odd to stop calling: “Oh, Puppy”, when his dinner is ready and hearing him rushing down the stairs, paws bouncing on the wooden steps and tail wagging left to right.

Anyhow, this dog has certainly many many adventures ahead of him and I hope to write about some of them soon.dogs eyesHappy Birthday Lucky.



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