A month with the puppy

Today it’s a month since we got the puppy. It’s been a roller-coaster month, a teething problems (literally) month, a spring-into-action month.

Lucky had his first and second vaccination and got microchipped.

Lucky doubled in size and weight.sleeping puppy

Lucky chewed on every single wicker basket in the house.puppy in wicker basket

Lucky found he doesn’t like the big red bits in his dry food.

Lucky loves his homemade dinners.

Lucky learnt to have meals with the cat and to wait until the cat finishes before tackling the other bowl.

Lucky had his first bone.puppy & bone

Lucky discovered he likes football.

Lucky played a lot of puppy-in-the middle.puppy ready to play

Lucky went to the seaside and got a bit scared of the waves.

Lucky went to the lake and discovered he likes water after all.puppy on the beach

Lucky learnt to sleep downstairs in his doggy bed.puppy in his bed

Lucky is still trying to figure out his toilet routine (following tips from here).puppy

Lucky met his doggy neighbours – Harper and Oscar.

Lucky did some serious digging in the garden.

Lucky met his brother, Diesel, and had a three hours long restless wrestling play date.puppy on the grass

Lucky got his first collar and leash.

Lucky struggled with his collar and leash for three days and then gave in and started enjoying the walks.

Lucky started exploring the nearby parks.

Lucky discovered he loves chasing the bicycles.

Lucky chased 6 bicycles in one day and got us completely exhausted.puppy on leash

Lucky redefined door stoppers as toys.

Lucky bravely tackled any sheep he could find around the house – including the sheepskin rug and the sheepskin cushions.puppy on cushion

Lucky tried to run away with every shoe he could grab.

Lucky has now a hefty collection of old clogs, trainers and slippers and we learnt to always keep the shoes in the under-the-stairs storage.puppy & rubber duck

Lucky learnt to jump onto the trampoline, onto the armchair and onto the sofa but he didn’t learn to jump onto the bed (yet).puppy on orange sofa

Lucky jumped on the cat, barked at the cat, licked the cat’s ears.

Lucky got scratched a few times but didn’t learn to keep his distance.

Lucky still hopes that the cat will eventually play with him.puppy


puppy and baublesLucky wagged his tail into our hearts.


Sonia (with a little help of daughter Natasha)


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